Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has proved to be one of our greatest ever monarchs. Not only is she our longest reigning monarch but in 2016 she celebrated her 90th birthday becoming our oldest reigning monarch! It’s incredible to think that when she was born in 1926 it was not expected that she would ever reign. This fact may explain why, in that year, no commemorative coins were minted to celebrate her birth. However, The London Mint Office is delighted to change all that. Our heritage coin specialists have painstakingly assembled just 499 sets of the British coins of Her Majesty’s birth year, 1926.

This is an incredible opportunity to own the very coins released in the year of Her Majesty’s birth. The Queen Elizabeth II 1926 Birth Year Coin Set comprises the complete set of eight British coins issued as coinage in 1926 – a set that was never issued at the time.

Subject to a strict limitation of just 499. Due to the scarcity of these original coins, all minted 90 years ago, only 499 of these sets are being released. 

The coins of 1926 - a powerful symbol of Britain. These are coins that, quite literally, belong to a bygone era when money still had ‘the look’ of money - and of course, the silver coins still contained real silver! All eight coins in this set were issued in 1926 and therefore bear the definitive portrait of Her Majesty’s grandfather, King George V, by Bertram Mackennal. The coins in this set feature superb heritage designs depicting some of our most powerful national symbols. 

Each coin set is housed in a beautiful presentation case and an informative booklet is also included, free of charge.

These are truly the ‘commemoratives’ of Her Majesty’s exceptional life, together in one historic set for Her Majesty’s 90th birthday year.


Original circulating coins - 90 years old
Issuing Authority:
The Royal Mint, UK
Year of issue:
Edition limit:
499 sets issued worldwide

1926 Threepence


Alloy: Silver .500 fine

1926 Half-crown


Alloy: Silver .500 fine

 1926 Shilling


Alloy: Silver .500 fine

 1926 Florin


Alloy: Silver .500 fine

 1926 Sixpence


Alloy: Silver .500 fine

1926 Halfpenny


Alloy: Bronze

1926 Penny


Alloy: Bronze

1926 Farthing


Alloy: Bronze