July 3rd 2017 saw the South African Mint celebrate 50 years of one of the world’s most famous gold coins – The Krugerrand. In 1967 no one could ever have imagined how that one coin would affect the global coin market and retain its popularity for half a century

Now in its 50th year, the Krugerrand was originally introduced to promote private ownership of gold. By 1980 the Krugerrand accounted for 90% of the global coin market and at present over 50 million ounces of gold have been sold throughout the world.

In celebration of this fantastic anniversary, the South African Mint has produced a brand new coin – A Premium Uncirculated Silver 1oz Coin.

The Krugerrand has never been produced in silver before but that’s not the only reason why this coin is so significant. It also bears the official ‘one year only’ 50th-anniversary privy mark signifying the coins golden jubilee. Another feature that sets’ it apart from the other Krugerrands is the reverse frosted design. The design is polished while the table of the coin is frosted enhancing and drawing focus to the famous Springbok design.

A once in a lifetime opportunity only available in 2017 that you will not want to miss.
Ag 999
PU - Premium Uncirculated
Issuing Authority:
South African Mint
Year of issue:
Mintage limit: