An original Roman As Coin

An original Roman As Coin, around 2,000 years old

Roman As

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  • A 2,000 year old original Roman As Coin, an enthralling piece of ancient history
  • Every Roman As coin is unique, no two are the same
  • Presented in a bespoke display box with Certificate of Authenticity free of charge
  • Type: Single
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The Roman As was part of the set of bronze disk coins that were created by the Romans to be able to replace the Greek currency they had been using in the Roman Infancy. Firstly the Romans began to use small, rectangular ingots before moving onto the disk shape, struck in bronze. Traditionally the amount of bronze that each coin equated to its value within society, however, this changed drastically throughout the Roman empire with new coins being introduced. 

The As, after it's initial run of production was intermittently produced emperor to emperor until it was reestablished in by the Emperor Andronikos II Palaiologos (r. 1282–1328) and minted copper coin.

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Very fine grade
Ca. 9.1g
Ca. 27mm
Issuing Authority:
Roman Mint
Roman As
Year of issue:
280 BC - 250 AD