The Isle of Man proudly presents its flagship coin, The Angel - revered the world over, rich with history, steeped in mythology with an enduring allure which has inspired artists for hundreds of years.

Maintaining the traditions of a coin introduced by Edward IV in 1465, the angel takes its name from an obverse design depicting the archangel Michael slaying the devil in the form of a dragon. Specimens are often found with holes drilled through them, as these coins were particularly favoured by the Tudors and Stewarts as ‘touch-pieces’ - vessels through which Monarchs could bestow their divine powers of healing to worthy subjects.

For over 600 years, silver and gold coins featuring Angels have been treasured by millions. These coveted coins were believed by many to bring the bearer good luck, fortune, and were even thought to have cured sickness and save lives. Still treasured to this day, the legend of the lucky Angel coin has grown and grown for centuries  - passed down through generations as a family legacy to become one of the most popular collector coin series in the world.

The London Mint Office are delighted to exclusively offer this Limited 1oz Silver Angel with Selective Gold Layering to our customers. Featuring the dramatically-sculpted image of St. Michael the Archangel battling a fierce dragon - the classic depiction of the triumph of Good over Evil.

Produced to the highest Proof quality, this is a unique opportunity to own an Angel of your own. Strictly limited to one per household, I urge you to order yours today.

1oz ag Angel
Metal Grade: