An Exclusive World First...

The Isle of Man proudly presents its flagship coin, revered the world over. Rich with history and stooped in mythology. With an enduring allure which has inspired artists over thousands of years, the Angel series has become one of the most popular collector coin series in the entire world.

Historically the Angel coins have only ever been struck in Gold, Silver and Platinum...until now. For the first time ever, The London Mint Office are delighted to present: 

  • A world first - 1oz Silver Angel selectively accented in pure Gold.
  • A strict limitation of only 2,499.
  • Exclusively available from The London Mint Office.

The Angel is one of the most important coins in the modern world. In its modern format, it was created in 1984 as a form of bullion coinage. Nicknamed the Krugerrand Killer, its goal was to create a British alternative to the record-breaking South African Krugerrand that had taken the world by storm. 

Its grandeur and sudden success allowed the Isle of Man Angel to create one of the world’s foremost bullion and commemorative coins. Inspired by and maintaining the traditions of a coin introduced into England by Edward IV in 1465. As treasured touchstones of good fortune and health, Angel coins were often passed down through generations as a family legacy.

We at The London Mint Office are proud to present this truly special design with an incredibly limited mintage that makes it a rare and highly sought after collector’s coin. 

If you regularly covet the Angel, Krugerrand or have not yet had the opportunity to own one, then this could very well be the best and only opportunity that you have in 2017.

1oz ag Angel
Metal Grade: