On 15th February 1971, Britain went decimal. Gone forever were our much-loved crowns, shillings, and pence - no longer were there 240 pence in a pound.  Today, the old coinage of which we were so fond has almost disappeared from our memories.  Whether you remember the good old pre-decimal days with affection or are looking to share the fascination of coin collecting with friends, family or even future generations, The Changing Faces of British Coinage Set is an eternal reminder of a time when our currency was unique in the world

Beautiful Britannia immortalised in pure Gold 

The Britannia Penny is just the first coin in a prestigious set of historic coins - The Changing Face of British Coinage - Queen Elizabeth II Pre-decimal Edition. This original coin, now nearly fifty years old, has been preserved for posterity, layered with pure 24 carat Gold with the main design gloriously accented in red, white and blue - the colours of the Union Flag. The ‘old penny’ - affectionately referred to as “d”, was one of the last, and one of the most iconic coins to ever feature Britannia our national icon. It also featured the first ever portrait of Queen Elizabeth II to grace our coinage. In this the Queen’s 90th birthday year, nothing could be more timely than securing a genuine coin from the start of her reign. 

The Changing Face of British Coinage Set - preserving our Nation’s heritage.

 Meticulously crafted, to preserve the memory of our pre-decimal currency, this set enables you to own all nine of our most treasured Elizabeth II pre-decimal British coins. Each coin has been beautifully preserved for posterity, lavishly plated in 24 carat gold and accented in glorious colour. This is the first time our past coins have been presented in this way, creating the ultimate edition for collectors. Although these coins vary in the dates they were issued, they all have one thing in common: they are the last of their kind - the final designs struck by the Royal Mint before being phased out. 

Complete Collections are always more valuable

By ordering The Britannia Penny, each of the remaining eight coins in the Changing Face of British Coinage Collection will be sent to you at monthly intervals, for just £29.95 each, always on approval and without obligation, simply chose which coins you wish to keep. This enables you to build the collection you want, at your own pace, without the worry of missing out.

FREE Collector’s Folder

When you order the Britannia Penny, you will also receive the official Collector's Presentation Folder, which stores and displays your coins safely and elegantly. It includes a Certificate of Authenticity guaranteeing the specifications. Together they provide important historical background information about British heritage coins.

An enduring piece of history that is sure to be treasured.

Minted at the start of Her Majesty’s reign, these are coins that, quite literally, belong to a bygone era when money still had ‘the look’ of money. Don’t miss this opportunity to literally hold a piece of our history in your hands.In this, the Queen’s 90th birthday year, nothing could be more timely than securing the complete set of coins from the start of her reign.

Original coins layered in 24 carat gold
Country of issue:
Great Britain
Year of issue:
Penny| Shilling English Reverse| Shilling Scottish Reverse| Sixpence| Half Crown| Threepence| Farthing| Florin| Halfpenny
9.4g| 5.7g| 5.7g| 2.8g| 14.1g |6.8g| 2.8g| 11.3g| 5.7g
31mm| 24mm| 24mm| 19mm| 32mm| 22mm| 20mm| 28.5mm| 25mm
Denomination: Penny

Shilling    English reverse

Shilling   Scottish reverse

Sixpence Half Crown Threepence Farthing Florin Halfpenny
Issued:  1953 - 1967 1953 - 1966 1953 - 1966 1953 - 1967 1953 - 1967 1953 - 1967 1953 - 1956 1953 - 1967 1953 - 1967
Alloy:  Bronze Cupronickel Cupronickel Cupronickel Cupronickel Nickel brass Bronze Cupronickel Bronze
Finish: Layered in 24 carat gold with colour accenting
Diameter:  31mm 24mm 24mm 19.0mm 32mm 22mm 20mm 28.5mm 25mm
Weight:  9.4gm 5.7gm 5.7gm 2.8gm 14.1gm 6.8gm 2.8gm 11.3gm 5.7gm
Reverse:  Britannia, helmeted and holding a trident, seated on a shield, with a lighthouse on the seas in the background. By William Gardner, shows the English shield with three lions (leopards couchants). Shows a single lion rampant within a shield beneath a Tudor crown, two crosses Garland featuring our national flowers - a rose, thistle, shamrock and leek. Quartered shield bearing the Royal Arms of England, Scotland and Ireland. Crowned portcullis, surmounted by a bar from which two chains are suspended. One of Britain’s smallest birds, the Wren, adorns one of Britains smallest circulating coins. The Tudor Rose, the national flower of England since the Wars of the Roses. Ship said to  represent Sir Francis Drake’s Golden Hind.
Obverse:  All coins in the collection feature the same obverse design - the first portrait of Queen Elizabeth II by Mary Gillick