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The First Ever Polymer Banknote Issued by the Bank of England

On Tuesday September 13th, the UK £5 note changed forever when the Bank of England issued a polymer banknote for the first time in its history. The London Mint Office is offering you the fantastic opportunity to own this new £5 note, which is guaranteed to be supplied in uncirculated and in completely pristine condition.

Risk Free £5 for £5. 

Chosen for strength and quality, new polymer notes are also intended to stop counterfeiting. Though, once in circulation, they will no longer be in pristine condition. Your mint condition £5 note will be a desirable and timeless reminder of the historical date which changed Britain’s money forever.

The new £5 note features Sir Winston Churchill, the beloved Prime Minister who led our country in its finest hour during the Second World War. The note itself depicts numerous references to the life of Churchill including his Nobel Prize for Literature, his birthplace of Blenheim Palace as well as a quote from his first speech as Prime Minister.

Yes, I would like to order my own new £5 polymer banknote. Postage is FREE.*

*Limited to just one per household

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