The Official Coca-Cola Coin for just £59.95!

Today, in very limited quantity we can offer you a unique, pure silver coin inspired by the original Coca-Cola bottle caps!

Many will agree, the most iconic part of the Coca-Cola franchise is the famous glass bottles, the earlier versions, highly collectible in their own right. The original, designed to represent a coca-pod by Earl R. Dean, was put into worldwide production in 1916 and reached its finalised modern shape by 1923, becoming the most celebrated bottle of all time.

The coins are beautifully struck in 99.9% pure silver and the top branded and colourised with the Coca-Cola logo and in the original red colouring. What’s more, these coins are officially licensed by Coca-Cola and are authorised government coins, making them legal tender and significant, long-lasting collectibles.

The coins bear a striking resemblance to the original bottle caps, on the inside of the cap you’ll find the denomination and date of the strike. This is only the second time a bottle cap shape has been attempted as a coin due to the complexities of the high-quality molding technology and advanced colouring techniques. Exquisitely presented in a bespoke and Official Coca-Cola collectors tin, this is surely a coin that deserves a place in any collection!

With just 21 available, be sure to place your order quickly to avoid disappointment.

Year of Issue:
Pure Silver
Issuing Authority:
Collectors Qualtiy
$1 Fiji dollar