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Produced by The London Mint Office, this magazine focuses on the histories, stories and legends behind many of the coins and medals we talk about daily with our enthusiastic range of customers.

The launch edition of Coins & History includes brand new articles and features on:

  • A new Saint George and the Dragon sovereign design and the amazing story of the link between designers from the Pistrucci family separated by 200 years
  • Sir Isaac Newton’s lesser-known contribution to UK numismatic history
  • The remarkable story of Douglas Bader’s heroics as a fighter pilot in World War II
  • How the aftermath of the Battle Of Hastings shaped British history for hundreds of years thereafter
  • The tragic Third Battle Of Ypres; a muddy and bloody milestone in the path to victory in World War I revisited in the year of its centenary
  • How the George Cross and George Medal have honoured individuals in the military and civilian life who have performed acts of personal courage and bravery for over 75 years

And so much more…

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