In 1933 Germany became known as the Third Reich and the totalitarian state began minting its own coins. This complete portfolio of 12 historic coins includes all denominations from the 1 Reichspfennig to the imposing silver 5 Reichsmark, as well as two original German postage stamps featuring former President Paul von Hindenburg and Adolf Hitler

As well as being potent symbols of the Nazi regime as it tightened its grip across Europe and beyond, these very coins would have passed through thousands, if not millions of hands before the combined might of the Allies brought the Third Reich to its knees. 

The 5 Reichsmark, the highest denomination of all the coins in the set is also the most imposing. This was a coin that symbolised Nazi Germany's mounting strength -  not just because of its 29mm size, but also its high .900 silver content spoke volumes as it was issued as a circulating coin at a time when some countries had abandoned silver coins altogether. 


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Complete set of circulating coinage from the 1 Pfennig to the 5 Reichsmark