Eight original coins documenting American history

Elegantly framed with the US Declaration of Independence

Declaration of Independence coin set

Rating value: 5.0

  • Eight US coins and one two-dollar banknote
  • Elegantly framed with a copy of the US Declaration of Independence. 
  • Four Silver Coins
  • Includes the famous Kennedy Half-Dollar
  • Type: Single
  • Availability: Sold Out!
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A stunning set documenting the creation of the world's most powerful countries. On 4 July 1776 13 North American colonies declared themselves independent from Britain, and the United States was born. 

The set includes eight US coins and one two-dollar banknote, elegantly framed with a copy of the US Declaration of Independence. Five of the coins contains a portrait of the most famous of America's founding fathers: Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.

The remaining three of the coins were struck to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Independence in 1976.  They feature Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy and George Washington. These three coins replaced the regular circulating coins for two years and carried the  dates "1776-1976"  

The American's two-dollar note was also released on the occasion of the 200th anniversary, and has the design of  monumental painting "Declaration of Independence " .The painting shows more of US land fathers, which presents the draft Declaration of Independence in 1776.   The frame measures 51x61 cm.

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$1 Eisenhower:
1976 40% silver
$1/2 Benjamin Franklin:
1948-1963 90% silver
$1/2 John F. Kennedy:
1976 40% silver
$1/4 George Washington:
1976 40% silver
$1 George Washington:
2007 cupronickel
$1 John Adams:
2007 cupronickel
$1 Thomas Jefferson:
2007 cupronickel
$1 James Madison:
2007 cupronickel
$2 Declaration of Independence
Coin: US $ 1 Eisenhower 1976 to 40% silver
Coin: US $ 1/2 Benjamin Franklin from 1948  1963 - 90% silver
Coin: US $ 1/2 John F. Kennedy from 1976  40% silver
Coin: US $ 1/4 George Washington from 1976  40% silver
Coin: USA $1 George Washington 2007 - cupronickel
Coin: USA $1 John Adams 2007 - cupronickel
Coin: USA $1 Thomas Jefferson 2007 - cupronickel
Coin: USA $1 James Madison 2007 - cupronickel
Note: USA $ 2 Declaration of Independence