The Operation Fish Gold Coin Set

Includes the ¼ oz Canada Allied Gold Maple Leaf Coin and a historic George V Gold Sovereign

Operation Fish Tour 2 Coin Set

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Commemorates the amazing rescue of the Allies treasuries during Second World War! In 2015 The London Mint Office recreated one of the original Gold transport journeys on the 75th anniversary year of Operation FISH  by transporting a ¼ oz Canada Gold Maple Leaf coin and a George V Gold Sovereign from Norway to France, UK and finally on to Canada. As the coins travelled they received an official stamp/ signature applied to a coin passport to document the coins being on the tour.

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2015 marked the 75th anniversary of Operation FISH one of the most audacious Gold transport operations during WW2. The German invasion of Europe was an increasing threat to the gold of the allied nations. As the Germans advanced secret convoys of merchant and military vessels secretly departed all manner of countries to stop The Nazis capturing it. These operations were codenamed Operation FISH.

In the summer of 1940, Operation FISH saw naval convoys transport millions of pounds worth of allied gold, treasure and securities to Canada. They battled atrocious weather and the U-boat infested waters of the North Atlantic to move it out of danger and secure funding for the war in the case of invasion by Germany.

The UK, France and Norway were involved in these clandestine operations. The original Operation Fish convoys travelled from Europe to Halifax, Nova Scotia, with gold and treasure being sent on to the Bank of Canada in Ottawa for safe keeping .

In total, these missions moved nearly $29 billion at today’s exchange rates and weighed hundreds of tonnes. Today over 75 years later, it still remains the world’s largest transfer of wealth from country to country and one of the most intriguing escape stories of the Second World War. The entire operation remained secret until after the war and not a single piece of gold or security went missing.

The 1/4 oz Gold Canadian Maple Leaf Coin marks the 75th Anniversary of Operation FISH

Minted by The Royal Canadian Mint the beautifully designed 99.99% pure 1/4 ounce gold Maple Leaf coin commemorates  the coming together of Allied nations at one of the world's darkest hours. The reverse image by Canadian artist Joel Kimmel presents the route taken by the Norwegian gold to Canada by way of England. This coin's symbolically rich reverse design is layered over a stylised map showing northern Europe, the Atlantic, and eastern Canada. Four stars mark strategic regions of gold movement from Europe to Canada during the war, including Norway, England, France, and Canada. Engraved over the map is a maple leaf whose left side is from a Canadian sugar maple and whose right side is from a Norway maple. The reverse is also engraved with the bilingual commemorative text "THE ALLIED GOLD/ L'OR DES ALLIÉS" and "75 YEARS/ANS" and the word "CANADA." The obverse depicts the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, a portrait which is unique to Canadian coins.


An original wartime George V Sovereign

The second coin in the set is a genuine wartime George V sovereign minted from 1911-1932 which was in use during the 1940s - a coin that would have been of those that were moved as part of the gold transports.


Just 200 Operation Fish Tour coin sets issued - relive one of the most secretive and daring operations of WWII. 

The recreation of Operation Fish started in Oslo when Jan-Eirik Hansen, CEO of the Mint of Norway, signed an official letter to confirm the coins’ arrival in Norway. From here the coins travelled onto Paris where Mme S Martin of the Société Française Des Monnaies officially confirmed their arrival. The coins were then transported onto Canada where John Moore, Vice President at the Royal Canadian Mint in Ottawa, officially greeted and signed for the coins. The coins were kept securely in a vault at the Mint before returning to the UK.

Each set includes an original signed letter from the Royal Canadian Mint proving that the coins were part of the 75th Anniversary of Operation Fish mission and arrived safely in Canada. They are also accompanied by a coin passport booklet documenting every step of the journey the coins took and an extract from ‘Gold Run’ – a book written by Robert Pearson which documents Operation Fish from the Norwegian perspective including the escape of the Norwegian royal family following the Nazi invasion.

Each of these sets are individually numbered on a gold plaque displayed in the presentation box, 

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The 1/4 oz. Canadian Maple Leaf | The George V Gold Sovereign
99.99% Gold | 22 carat (917/1000)
7.8g | 7.98g
20mm| 22.05mm
Year of Issue:
2015 | 1911-1936
Issuing Authority:
The Royal Canadian Mint | The Royal Mint United Kingdom
Edition Limit:
Just 200 sets issued worldwide
Year of Issue:
2015 - 75 years after the original Operation FiSH