Her Majesty’s 90th Birthday Portrait by Raphael David Maklouf FRBS FRSA NDD

In honour of Her Majesty's landmark ninetieth birthday, Raphael Maklouf has captured the essence of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II with a stunning new portrait.  In his own words: "It has been my great privilege to meet and have live portrait sittings with the Queen at Buckingham Palace when in 1984 I was invited to design the third portrait to grace the coinage of her realm. I am therefore absolutely delighted to have been given the opportunity once again to create a contemporary further portrait in celebration of Her Majesty’s 90th year.  With this new effigy, I have sought to capture, for this truly special occasion, the Queen’s timeless grace, charm, and steadfastness."

The Queen's 90th birthday Portrait Collection Her Majesty's 90th Birthday Commemorative Crown Collection
  • A celebration of Her Majesty's portraits from 1953 to 2016
  • Available to collect one coin per month -  no obligation  - view each coin before you decide to add it to your collection.
  • Features the 90th Birthday effigy by the brilliant Raphael Maklouf. 
  • Layered in 24 carat gold
  • Struck to proof quality
  • Officially approved by Buckingham Palace
SAVE £45.00 compared to buying each coin individually
£ 9.95 £ 29.95
Long to Reign Over Us - H.M Queen Elizabeth II Silver Coin Set 'Long to Reign Over Us' The Queen's 90th Birthday Silver Coin Collection
A set of seven uniquely commissioned Silver Crown coins that beautifully captures the most defining moments of the Queen’s life and record-breaking reign. Each coin expertly links significant moments in Her Majesty’s life to a stirring line from the National Anthem. Only when placed together as a set can the true beauty of this collection be fully appreciated, as the words of our National Anthem shine through on a flowing ribbon accented in pure 24 carat Gold.  
£ 49 £ 99
The Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday Philatelic Numismatic Cover The Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday Philatelic Numismatic Cover
  • Struck on the day 90th birthday coin, layered in pure Gold
  • Unique 90th birthday Mint Mark
  • Official Royal Mail 90th birthday celebration stamp officially postmarked on the day
  • Limited to just 4,999 worldwide
£ 39.95
Her Majesty's 90th Birthday Crown Coin by Raphael Maklouf Her Majesty's 90th Birthday portrait by Raphael Maklouf
  • A celebration of Her Majesty's portraits in her 90th birthday year
  • Features the 90th Birthday Effigy by the brilliant Raphael Maklouf.
  • Layered in pure silver and accented in 24 carat gold
  • Struck to proof quality
  • Officially approved by Buckingham Palace
£ 34.95
Her Majesty's 90th Birthday Portrait Gold layered Half Crown Her Majesty's 90th Birthday Portrait Coin layered in 24 carat gold
  • A special collector’s edition, featuring Maklouf’s official 90th birthday portrait of the Queen.
  • Layered in pure 24 carat Gold and limited to only 49,999 coins worldwide. 
  • Each coin is individually numbered, meaning your coin is the only one with that number.
  • The earliest orders will receive the lowest numbers.  
£ 29.95
Conjoined Portrait One Guinea World first - Double Royal Birthday Gold Guinea
  • The Queen’s 90th & Prince Philip’s 95th birthdays commemorated on one historic coin.
  • The first-ever Guinea struck to mark a double Royal Birthday and the first to feature a conjoined portrait of HM The Queen and HRH Prince Philip since the famous William and Mary Guinea from the 17th century
£ 895
H.M Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday Britannia Crown H.M Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday Britannia Crown
  • The first ever Britannia coin struck to mark Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th Birthday
  • Featuring Raphael Maklouf’s official 90th birthday portrait of The Queen
  • Fully layered in pure 24 carat Gold and accented in Rhodium Platinum, one of the world’s most precious metals
£ 29.95
The Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday Solid Gold Coin & Stamp Cover The Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday First Day Cover with solid gold coin
A unique coin and first-day cover stamp set marking a defining moment in history - Her Majesty's 90th birthday
  • Solid Gold Double Crown Coin - struck on the day of Her Majesty’s 90th birthday
  • Unique 90th birthday date stamp and postmark fix the 90th Birthday Gold Coin Cover in history
  • All six Royal Mail 90th birthday stamps and the highly collectable official Royal Mail Miniature Sheet - the first ever to show Prince George
  • Limited to just 499 worldwide - each edition is individually numbered
  • The very best from the world of stamps and coins in one historic issue. 
£ 445
Queens 90th birthday Queen Elizabeth 90th Birthday Mary Gillick, first portrait
Order today – save £35.00 Start completing your Queen Elizabeth 90th Birthday coin collection today. You may stop collecting at any time and you are fully protected by the London Mint Office 14 day return guarantee.
£ 19.95 £ 34.95
2016 Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday ¼ ounce Gold Angel The Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday ¼ ounce Gold Angel
  • 'First Ever' Gold Angel to mark a Royal birthday
  • 'One year' only issue features 90th birthday Mint Mark 
  • Minted in 99.99% pure gold - purer than a Gold Sovereign 
  • Low edition limit of only 2,016 worldwide
  • Includes bespoke presentation box and Certificate of Authenticity 
£ 599