Statement from The London Mint Office Ltd in response to questions about the future value of coins


Over the past 10 years, The London Mint Office Limited has helped thousands of satisfied customers purchase rare commemorative coins. We are passionate about coins and their heritage and are honoured to create products for people who share this same passion.


From the very beginning, customer satisfaction has been at the forefront of our work. Therefore, we feel it is important to clarify recent concerns regarding the future value of coins. We would like to stress that our company policy is not to promote our products as investment opportunities. Instead we encourage customers to buy coins for the pleasure of owning them.


If any customer ever has any questions about their collection or wants to establish its value, we will always be very happy to talk about this with them on the phone. Our products are designed to have an emotional appeal to customers who love the design or care about the anniversary a coin commemorates, rather than a monetary value. We would also advise customers to be careful when getting an external valuation for their coin collection as anyone running a business and interested in buying the collection will naturally make an offer at the lowest price possible and sell at a profit.


All our products come with a 14 day full return guarantee, no questions asked. Instances where customers may wish to return coins after this time are defined as a buy back case. It is not standard policy to buy back coins bought from the London Mint Office after the 14 day return period. However, if a customer has bought coins from us that are in demand from other customers then we will look into their case on an individual basis and may be prepared to make an offer after careful consideration and consultation with the customer.


We have been trading as The London Mint Office Limited for 10 years and we are a privately owned company. We are not and have never claimed to be part of the Royal Mint but, as a distributor for all the leading National Mints, we do sometimes offer their coins for sale within our collections.


If you would like to discuss your collection in more detail, please do not hesitate to call The London Mint Office on 0808 1782376, where an experienced member of our team will be delighted to assist.


Greg Prosser,

Managing Director - The London Mint Office Ltd