Your LAST opportunity to own the limited issue Dutch Ducat 200th Anniversary Coin

Opportunities like this don’t come up very often – you can now own a genuine piece of numismatic history. 

In 1817, the Dutch Ducat was struck with a new specification of 23-carat gold that has remained unchanged to this day. To commemorate this important bicentennial, in 2017 the Royal Dutch Mint struck an official anniversary Ducat with an extremely low mintage of just 2,501

The Dutch Ducat is the world’s oldest gold coin still in production today. It was first struck in 1586 and has always been instantly recognisable because, instead of depicting a monarch or saint, it has an armour-clad soldier with a sword in his right hand and seven arrows in his left. The year of issue is always split so that two digits appear on either side of the soldier.

However, what makes the official 2017 coin so special is that it is the first time that two dates appear together on the famous design. For one year only, the date 1817 has been added to the year of issue date to mark the 200th Anniversary of the modern specification. No double-dated Dutch Ducat has ever been issued before, making this coin absolutely unique in its long 431-year history.

Furthermore, the Dutch Ducat was once the world’s most important trading coin. During the late sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the United Provinces of the Netherlands operated the largest fleet of merchant ships in the world and dominated international trade. In fact, the size of the Dutch colonial empire was not surpassed until the nineteenth century, when the British Empire grew to cover a quarter of the planet, and the Sovereign took the Dutch Ducat’s crown as the chief trading coin of the world.     

Given the fact that the English and the Dutch spent centuries fighting for naval supremacy and overseas territory, it might come as a surprise to learn that the first Dutch Ducat was commissioned by an Englishman! This important British connection is explored in an exclusive new book, “Sovereigns and Dukes: Two Coins that Conquered the World’ commissioned by The London Mint Office and included free of charge with your order.

23 Carat Gold
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Dutch Ducat
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