King George, inaugurated the George Cross and George Medal in 1940, since then a total of 407 individuals – plus, collectively, the people of Malta and the Royal Ulster Constabulary – have won the George Cross; and 2,123 have been awarded the George Medal with 27 receiving it twice.

The George Cross and Medal were launched in September 1940, just as the German Luftwaffe began its blitz on London. It remains the highest civil decoration in the United Kingdom with the aim of this new award to recognise the courage and bravery away from the front lines. This new kind of warfare on home soil created a need for civilian honours for whom military awards were not appropriate.

A Medal for the people

Issued and expertly minted by Worcestershire Medal Service, holders of a Royal Warrant as Medallists to Her Majesty The Queen. This limited edition replica set provides an opportunity for you to own a medal that is only awarded by the monarchy; the originals near unattainable.

Included as part of the set is the book ‘Acts of Courage’, which is a thorough and beautifully written register of the George Medal recipients; standing as a testament to the selfless acts performed by these men and women. Fortunately, the copy that you will receive with the set will also contain the signature of War Veteran and Recipient of the George Medal, John Robert Timothy Balding, his story which can be read on page 30 and 31 of the register.

The George Cross and George Medal set provide an opportunity for only 500 people to own a replica medal that is otherwise, only available to people that have been awarded it by the Monarchy.

  • Layered in Pure Gold
  • Struck in Semi-Proof
  • Includes 823-page hardback book signed by a recipient of the George Cross and George Medal
  • Limited to only 500 sets Worldwide
Solid Bronze Layered in Pure Gold
Issuing Authority:
Worcestershire Medal Service
Year of issue:
Mintage limit:
500 Sets Worldwide