Explore our range of highly collectable gold coins including British Gold Sovereigns  - the most prestigious gold coin in the world and exclusive editions of The Gold Angel from the Isle of Man

The Winston Churchill Family Crest Coin
  • Commemorating a famous British military leader, Winston Churchill
  • Struck in Pure 24-carat Gold to the highest quality possible - Proof
  • Only 2,015 struck worldwide to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the outbreak of the Second World War.
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The 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain Quarter Sovereign
  • A unique commemoration for the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain
  • Struck in solid 22-carat Gold and to the highest possible standard - Proof quality
  • Limited number remaining!
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The Countdown to VE Day Collection
  • An incredible collection including The Road to Victory Commemorative Coin Collection, a timeline of Winston Churchill and The ‘WE SHALL FIGHT ON THE BEACHES’ and ‘NEVER WAS SO MUCH OWED BY SO MANY TO SO FEW’ Commemorative Coins 
  • Commemorating a poignant Anniversary
  • Limited Edition
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Winston Churchill - The Wartime Legacy Set
  • An exclusive set containing the timeline of Winston Churchill, ‘The Wit and Wisdom of Winston Churchill’ pocket book along with a Sovereign and Crown
  • Commemorating a poignant Anniversary!
  • Coins struck in 22-carat Gold and Pure Silver
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The 'Into the Dragon's Lair' Quarter Sovereign
  • Featuring a never before seen, exclusive design by Angela Pistrucci. You cannot get this unique interpretation of the classic St George and the Dragon design anywhere else in the world
  • Designed by great-great grandniece of original designer Benedetto Pistrucci
  • Struck in solid 22-carat Gold and to the highest possible standard - Proof quality
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The Queen Victoria and Prince Albert 200th Anniversary Yellow Half Sovereign
  • Commemorating the 200th anniversary year of the birth of Queen Victoria and her consort, Prince Albert
  • Struck in 22-carat Yellow Gold
  • In official partnership with the Victoria and Albert Museum
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