The Falklands Conflict Full Sovereign

Struck to commemorate the 35th anniversary

The Falklands Conflict - Full Sovereign

The Falklands Conflict - Full Sovereign

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  • Fully endorsed by Falklands Conflict Veteran Simon Weston CBE
  • Struck in 22-carat Gold
  • Struck to the highest quality available - Proof
  • Type: Single
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On April 2nd 1982, the Falkland Islands became the setting for the last invasion of British territory. 100 Argentinian marines landed on the Falkland Islands with objective to capture the capital - Port Stanley. They also had 2000 more on their way. For two centuries both Britain and Argentine had claimed the islands - a long running territorial dispute had changed in to a major international crisis. Galtieri was confident that Britain would not attack, however, he had seriously underestimated British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. She ordered a large task force to set sail towards the Falklands and to reclaim the Islands. The Falklands War had begun.

The Full Sovereign depicts the Coat of Arms of the Falkland Islands set on a cartouche of scrolls. It is mounted on a compass rose to link with the exploratory and seafaring traditions of the Islands. The motto of the Islands, "Desire the Right" scrolls along the base of the compass rose. Either side of the main motif we see the dates 192 & 2017 to represent the 35th anniversary of the conflict. 

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22-carat Gold
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Full ? Sovereign
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