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The Magnificent 7

Magnificent 7 - The 2016 Royal Mint 1/2 Sovereign in Bar The 2016 Royal Mint 1/2 Sovereign presented for the first time in a Gold Bar
The 2016 British Half Sovereign Gold Coin Presented for the first time ever in an exclusive limited edition collector bar layered in pure 24 carat black and yellow Gold Featuring the celebratory portrait of The Queen by James Butler - this portrait will appear for one year only on Proof 2016 Sovereigns
£ 295
Magnificent 7 -The 2016 Proof US Eagle in Bar The 2016 Proof US Eagle in Bar
  • New Release - the highly sought-after 2016 US Gold Eagle
  • Struck in 22 carat Gold
  • The 30th Anniversary edition of the American Gold Eagle Coin 
  • Presented for the first time ever in an exclusive limited edition collector coin bar
  • The first coin in the remarkable Magnificent 7 Collection
  • Limited Edition – only 1,000 set available worldwide!
£ 295