Queen Victoria Veiled Head Gold Sovereign

The rare last portrait type

Queen Victoria Gold Sovereign - The rare last portrait type

Rating value: 3.6


Solid 22 carat gold - over 110 years old

The last ever Gold Sovereign of Queen Victoria

Rare last portrait type - highly sought after by collectors


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British gold sovereigns are one of the most respected gold coins in the world, and the older coins issued by previous monarchs are collected the world over. These are part of our nation’s heritage - a symbol of the era of empire and of a time when our coinage was made of gold!

If there is one monarch who epitomises the sovereign more than any other (and during whose reign the coin reached the height of its renown and prestige), it is without doubt Queen Victoria. 

Struck in solid 22 carat gold, this Gold Sovereign features the short-lived, final portrait of Queen Victoria, also known as the Veiled Portrait as the Queen wears a widow's veil. This is the only time in history that a British monarch has been depicted in this way. Struck between 1893 and 1901 it is an everlasting commemoration of one of the most glorious monarchs in our history. 

Presented in a bespoke wooden display case with certificate of authenticity

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22 carat gold
Superior quality to what you might expect for a coin of this age
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