This highly collectable Roman Silver Tetradrachm is a genuine piece of antiquity. Nearly two thousand years old, this historic coin was issued by the Roman Emperor Nero – one of Rome’s most colourful and notorious emperors. As each coin is struck by hand, your coin is guaranteed to be completely unique. The process of striking by hand, and variances in the metal dies used to strike the coins rely heavily on human accuracy and so vary greatly, meaning your coin is a genuine one of a kind! Moreover, these were coins used for everyday commerce; handled and worn by a myriad of hands – a very special reminder of that ancient and enthralling world.

• Limited availability - please call for more information
• From the reign of Nero - one of the most notorious Emperors in Roman history
• An extraordinary piece of genuine history from an ancient and enthralling world
• Presented in a bespoke display box with Certificate of Authenticity
• Very fine grade silver piece

Year of issue:
Ca. 54-68AD
Issuing Authority:
Alexandria, Roman Empire
Very fine grade
1 Tetradrachm
Ca. 23-26mm