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The Britannia Penny: the last of its kind, layered in pure Gold - Save £20.00

Being an island nation Britain ultimately depended on the courageous souls of the Merchant Navy to carry raw materials across the Atlantic. Britannia is the female personification of this island and in the 17th century Britannia was introduced onto our coinage.

On 15th February 1971, Britain went decimal. Gone were the much loved crowns and shillings and no longer were there 240 pence in a pound. With new coins came new designs and by 2008, the old motifs on the nations coinage were finally phased out. She appeared on British coinage almost continuously for over 300 years, and it would be a travesty is she was simply forgotten.

You now have the opportunity to own the last ever Britannia Penny. This is an original Pre-decimal Penny, nearly 50 years old, layered in pure 24 carat Gold and accented in the national colors of the Union Flag. And you may own it today for just £9.95, a saving of £20.00 on the normal price.

To honour this great statesman’s courageous leadership during WWII, a new limited edition coin has been issued. And you may own it for just £9.95, a £20.00 saving on the normal price.

Save £20 when you order today.

Just £9.95, and no addition postage costs

The last-ever Pre-decimal Penny
The Britannia Penny was one of the most memorable coins of the pre-decimal era. How fitting that Britannia was chosen as the motif for this coin. A long standing symbol of national pride, she is depicted 'ruling the waves', helmeted with trident against the ocean backdrop. The obverse bears the portrait of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II created by Mary Gillick for her coronation in 1953. This was the very first image of the Queen to appear on British coins.

Layered in pure Gold
Now nearly 50 years old, The Britannia Penny is an original bronze final issue layered with the world's most sought-after precious metal - Gold. The Gold used for the Britannia Penny is 99.9% pure 24 carat Gold.

Accented in full colour
This collectors edition of the penny features Britannia accented in the colours of the Union Flag. This is a delicate and time consuming process, one that makes the golden Britannia Penny even more special.

Complete with FREE Presentation Folder
Together with your Britannia Penny, you will also receive the official Collector Presentation Folder, which stores and displays your coin safely and elegantly. It includes the Certificate of Authenticity guaranteeing the specifications. Together they provide important historical background information about British heritage coins. Normally £2.95, it is yours FREE of charge.

Transforming the Penny into the ultimate collector's edition
The exquisite finish is achieved by carefully selecting only the very finest examples of the last-ever issue Pennies. Layering each Penny in pure 24 carat Gold is as delicate as it is time consuming. The process is completed by skilled craftsmen who then apply the colour accenting.

I would like to secure a £20.00 saving and order my last-ever Pre-decimal Penny for only £9.95.

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