British History

Churchill The Greatest Briton Silver 1/2 oz coin 1/2oz Solid Silver Churchill Coin
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  • 1/2oz Solid Silver Sir Winston Churchill

On 10 May 1940, a terrifying dark shadow swept across Europe, enveloping France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Using devastating blitzkrieg tactics, the relentless advance of Hitler’s forces overwhelmed everything in their path until Britain itself came within range of the mighty German war machine. The world had suddenly become a much darker place.

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Wellington 250 Quarter Sovereign Wellington 250 Quarter Sovereign

·       In the 250th anniversary year of the birth of Arthur Wellesley, the 1st Duke of Wellington new Quarter Sovereign has been struck to commemorate the life of this British hero.

·       Struck in pure 22-Carat Gold to the highest Proof quality

·       A celebration of the life of the Duke of Wellington, A true British icon that changed the nation.


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World War Two - Churchill Coin and Book Set World War Two - Churchill Coin and Book Set
  • Honour Sir Winston Churchill in the 80th year since WWII
  • Only 9,999 sets available worldwide!
  • Layered in pure gold and accented with rose gold
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A 1940s Weekend A 1940s Weekend

All the romance, fun and unforgettable music of a 1940s weekend captured in 24 classic recordings. 

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Childhood Favourites Childhood Favourites

For any child of the post-war years, these hand-picked fun-packed recordings will bring so many special memories flooding back.

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On The Air On The Air

Celebrating ten decades of broadcasting by way of the best-loved signature tunes.

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And The Band Played On And The Band Played On

Commemorating the 100th anniversary of one of the most famous and tragic events in history.

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Steam Glorious Steam Steam, Glorious Steam!

An audio time-capsule, preserving the sounds of the last great days of mainline steam.

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The Flying Scotsman DVD The Flying Scotsman - The Golden Age of Steam

“Flying Scotsman” is known as the most famous steam locomotive in the world. 

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You 'Oribble Lot'! You 'Oribble Lot'!

Recall those unique 15 years of conscription by way of the popular songs that were written about.

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Both Feet In The Army Both Feet In The Army

Former National Service conscript - actor, Richard Wilson - takes a light-hearted look at life in the army.

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