The Liberty Head & Indian Head Half Eagle Set

The very first gold coins to be struck in America

Liberty and Indian Head Half Eagle $5 Set

Rating value: 5.0

  • The very first gold coins to be struck in America – authorised by the act of April 2nd 1792 (Coinage Act)
  • These are the only coins to be minted in all 8 United States mints.
  • Includes the Indian Head $5 gold coin, a very distinct and desirable piece due to its incuse design.
  • Type: Single
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The American gold $5 coin was the very first to be struck after the coinage act of April 2nd, 1792, alongside the gold $10.

The $5 denomination has the distinction of being the only denomination for which coins were minted at all eight US mints. This set is comprised of the Liberty Head by Christian Gobrecht, produced from 1839 to1908 and the Indian Head by Bela Lyon Pratt, produced from 1908 to 1929. The obverse of the Liberty Head features Lady Liberty surrounded by 13 stars representing the 13 colonies. She is wearing a coronet with the word ‘liberty’ printed across the top. The reverse features a design of a powerful eagle holding arrows to symbolise the growing power and wealth of America. As this coin went out of production, the Indian Head was introduced and features the incuse design of an Indian Chief, the first incuse design to be featured on an American coin. By law no living person can feature on an American coin, so three Indian chiefs were asked to pose to create this beautiful design. The reverse features a modernised bald eagle standing proud, with the motto ‘E PLURIBUS UNUM’ meaning ‘Out of many one’. 

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Gold (0.900)
Country of issue:
United States of America
5 dollar - Half Eagle
Year of issue:
Liberty Head: 1839–1908 | Indian Head: 1908–1929
8.24 g
21.65 mm | 21.60mm
Very Fine