Celebrating HM Queen Elizabeth II - 90 Heroic Years - Complete your Collection

The Remaining coins available all at once, or one per month. Whichever suits you best!

Congratulations on a great start. So whats next?

Congratulations on securing your Queen’s 90th Birthday Coin featuring Maklouf’s official 90th Birthday portrait of the Queen. The coin you now own is part of a grand set that celebrates nine decades gloriously accomplished, culminating in H.M. Queen Elizabeth II 90th birthday this year. 


Limited edition – less than 8% will be able to complete their sets

Only 24,999 Gillick Portrait Coins have been released worldwide. This means less than 8% of all the Queen’s 90th Birthday Coin owners will be able to complete their sets. Astonishingly, the remaining 92% will be disappointed.

  • Proof finish - the highest possible quality
  • Request further information on how to save £35.00 and secure your free 'Nine Decades Gloriously Accomplished' Book Usually £19.95!



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