Britannia has enjoyed a relationship with the coins of the United Kingdom for almost 2,000 years. The feminine personification of Britain, she is renowned for her beauty and over time has established herself on our coinage.

No collection is complete without its Britannia, for she has been in demand for centuries, and in the year when this numismatic great regains her place on the circulating coinage of the United Kingdom, the spotlight shines on her familiar and much-loved figure.

Featuring Raphael Maklouf's official 90th birthday portrait of The Queen, the new Britannia issue is fully layered in pure 24 carat Gold, with the shield accented in the colours of the Union Flag and the point of her trident in  rhodium Platinum, one of the world's most precious metals.

Minted to the highest possible Proof quality, the new Britannia has an issue limit of only 9.999 worldwide.  Each coin is presented in a  bespoke display case with certificate of authenticity.



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Layered in pure Gold, and accented in Rhodium Platinum, one of the worlds most precious metals
Issuing Authority:
The Government of Gibraltar
One Crown
Year of issue:
Mintage limit: