The Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday Piedfort ¼ Sovereign

Twice the weight of a standard Quarter Sovereign

The Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday Piedfort ¼ Sovereign

Rating value: 1.0

  • A Stunning Gold Coin in Double Weight 
  • Features the 90th birthday portrait of Her Majesty by Raphael Maklouf
  • World first - The Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday Piedfort Quarter Sovereign
  • Just 900 issued worldwide
  • Type: Single
  • Availability: Sold Out!
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An absolute masterpiece, this coin is struck in 22 carat Gold and Piedfort – which means it is twice the weight of a standard Quarter Sovereign.

To celebrate the 90th birthday of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, The London Mint Office is proud to present the Queen’s 90th Birthday Piedfort Sovereign.

The obverse of each piedfort Sovereign denomination is truly special. Created by renowned sculptor Raphael Maklouf, specifically for the Queen’s 90th Birthday, this new effigy captures the essence of Her Majesty’s rule, while remaining timeless. The reverse of each piedfort depicts the flowers of the nation; the Scottish thistle, Welsh Leek, English Rose and Irish Shamrock. Each of these has appeared on the coinage of Her Majesty through the years, and each is encapsulated in a quatrefoil arch, reminiscent of the windows of Westminster Abbey, where the Queen was coroneted in 1953.

Piedfort is the term given to a coin which is twice its usual weight, but the same diameter as an ordinary circulation coin. They are, and always have been, something special. Struck in the same metal as the original coin, piedforts are twice the thickness of the coin which shares their design. As a result, they very rarely circulate as regular currency does,and modern examples are struck in proof quality – the finest quality of minting possible. Piedforts have almost 800 years of history, highly sought-after they have a rich tie to royalty. It is, therefore, fitting that a coin celebrating such a momentous occasion as her Majesty's 90th Birthday should be struck in solid 22 carat gold piedfort.

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.916 22 Carat
3.98 grams
13.50 mm
Issuing Authority:
Quarter Sovereign
Year of issue:
Mintage limit: