Our commemoration to the British Forces and their bravery during the Falklands Conflict

As the anniversary of the Falklands Conflict is almost upon us, I remember the 8000 mile journey we took 36 years ago to liberate the people of the Falkland Islands. As Military Ambassador for the London Mint Office, I am proud to be able to honour the actions of the British Armed Forces and how we defended and protected the people of the island in 1982.

Given in gratitude to British military personnel and civilians for their service during the Falklands Conflict, the medal is beautifully struck and especially capsulated with a South Atlantic Ribbon and Rosette, and serves as a poignant reminder of the ten intense weeks of fighting, thousands of miles from home shores.

Struck by the Worcestershire Medal Service, official medallists to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, The South Atlantic Medal is an everlasting tribute to our brave British people who sacrificed their lives to liberate the Falkland Islanders.

Your medal comes complete with a The London Mint Office exclusive publication ‘Defending Their Right: The Liberation of the Falkland Islanders’, a 150-page book providing a fascinating overview of the events of the Falklands Conflict, allowing the legacy to be remembered 35 years on. Featuring original and some never-seen-before photography from the warzone, the book captures the efforts of the British Army as they fought to protect their territory by Land, Sea and Air.

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