In February 1941, during the Battle of the Atlantic, a Merchant Navy vessel, the SS Gairsoppa, was torpedoed and sunk by German U-boat U-101 off the Irish coast. On board, she had up to 7 million ounces of silver, destined to be minted into British coins. Silver, crew and ship sank to the bottom of the ocean 4,700 metres below sea level. In 2012, after more than 70 years on the seabed the WWII silver was located and brought to the surface – thanks to advanced modern technology it is one of the deepest successful shipwreck recovery operations ever!

Britain’s war-time silver - recovered and reforged 75 years after it was lost

After 75 years the lost British WWII silver is now available in a set of five official Merchant Navy coins. Each of the coins in the collection depicts the story of the SS Gairsoppa, together with a line taken from the final four line stanza of John Edward Masefield’s Merchant Navy Poem, ‘For All Seafarers’. Struck from the very same silver, these unique commemoratives provide a fitting tribute to not only the lost crew of the SS Gairsoppa but to the 30,000 Merchant Navy sailors who sacrificed their lives during the Battle of the Atlantic .

Limited edition coins in 99.9% recovered British WWII silver

The half-ounce silver coins are limited to only 20,000 coins worldwide and are all minted in pure recovered British WWII silver in the highest possible quality – proof.

Start your official Battle of the Atlantic Coin Collection from the Merchant Navy today by ordering the first £20 coin 'For All Seafarers' completely risk-free at a face value of £20 (Free P&P). The coin is limited to only one per household. 

By ordering the 'For All Seafarers' Silver Coin you will receive each of the remaining four coins in the set at convenient monthly intervals for just £49.95 (plus £2.95 P&P) each, entirely on approval and without obligation, enabling you to view each coin before you decide to add it to your collection.

FREE Collectors’ Folder 
As part of your collection you will receive a Certificate of Authenticity with each of the coins and an informative Collectors’ Folder - COMPLETELY FREE.




99.9% British WWII silver
Brilliant uncirculated
7.77 grams
27 mm
Issuing Authority:
Year of issue:
Mintage limit:
Portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
An anonymous Merchant Navy sailor and scenes from typical Battle of the Atlantic convoy.