Can you find the Seven Hills Hoard?

The dates of the coins of The Seven Hills Hoard of Roman Denarii span from the reigns of the emperor Nero (54-68 A.D.) to the emperor Gordian III (238-244 A.D.). Gordian was the 14-year-old grandson of a deceased rebel whom had revolted against the previous ruler, and he was the last emperor to issue silver denarii in large quantities. The hoard represented a cross-section of coins that would have been in circulation in the mid-3rd Century, including newly-minted issues from the reigning emperor to coins that were about two centuries old (as it was common for coins to remain in circulation for very long periods of time in the ancient world). The Roman Empire had been in decline for the better part of a century and was in great turmoil when the hoard of coins was buried - almost certainly as a measure to prevent their discovery. If indeed the plan was to hide the coins, it worked to perfection as they were just recently uncovered!
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