Essential accessories for coin collectors

From magnifying glasses to microscopes, digital scales to collector's albums - these handy tools and accessories will help you store, organise, display and enjoy your coin collection to it's fullest.

The Official National Gallery Masterpiece Collection - Billionaire Edition
  • Released in partnership with The National Gallery
  • Layered in Pure 24-carat Gold
  • A fresh and innovative way to bring some of these iconic works of art to our customers
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The Great Britain Mystery Box
  • Get the gift of excitement and adventure, you just need to take the adventure!
  • £399 of coins, medals, and fascinating collectables just itching to be discovered!
  • Guaranteed 22-carat Gold coin
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The Official Imperial War Museums ‘Britons. Join Your Country’s Army’ Ingot Premium Pack
  • In partnership with Imperial War Museums
  • Layered in Pure Silver
  • Uniquely Numbered
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World's First Silver Half Sovereign Cufflinks
  • A finishing touch to any outfit - hand crafted timeless classics
  • Featuring a world exclusive: The first ever sovereign to be made in pure silver!
  • Designed by Angela Pistrucci, the successor of original sovereign designer Benedetto Pistrucci!
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The Duke of Wellington £5 Pure 24-carat Gold Bank Note
  • Commemorate the man regarded today as one of the greatest military heroes in British history
  • A pure Gold reproduction of the original note, issued by the Bank of England in 1971
  • A 24-carat Gold reproduction of the iconic British design carried in pockets from 1971 to 1991
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George V Farthing Cufflinks
  • Hand Crafted using original George V farthings.
  • Plated in pure silver and uniquely coloured in red, white and Blue
  • A finishing touch to any outfit - hand crafted timeless classics
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