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Essential accessories for coin collectors

From magnifying glasses to microscopes, digital scales to collector's albums - these handy tools and accessories will help you store, organise, display and enjoy your coin collection to it's fullest.

Money that changed the world hardback book Money That Changed the World: A History of Gold Coins and Gold Currencies
Professor Svein H. Gullbekk’s richly illustrated book traces the history of gold coins from the year 625 BC all the way to Hitler’s hunt for gold during the Second World War. This book is not just intended for experts, but for any reader who is interested in history, culture and gold currencies.
£ 19.95
LIBRA 100 digital coin scale Digital Coin Scales
  • Our digital coin scale in a handy pocket format, features illuminated LCD display with automatic switchoff 
  • Detachable protective cover, which can be used as a weighing pan.
  • Batteries included.
  • Measures 45 x 76 x 13 mm.
£ 29.95
Album for 200 coin holders Coin Album for storing 200 cardboard coin holders
Dark blue soft cover album for storing 200 cardboard coin holders 10 sheets each hold 20 2"x2" cardboard coin holders per sheet.  
£ 16.95
CARGO L6 Coin Case Aluminium Coin Case
  • A sturdy aluminium coin case that provides a secure way to transport or store your coins without damaging them
  • Comes with 6 trays that hold up to 198 coins of different sizes 
  • Molded trays and padded lid are lined with plush velour.
£ 29.95
Leuchtturm Coin Collecting Starter Kit Coin Collector's Starter Kit
Coin Collector's starter kit -a perfect gift for those just embarking on a collection.
£ 27.50
Numis Coin Album - World Money World Money Coin Album
A stylish and practical way to store your assortment of world coins Securely stores up to 143 coins 
£ 19.95
Bills banknote album ​​​​​​​Stylish banknote album
A stylish folder for  storing your banknote collection in a fun yet practical and robust design. Holds up to 300 banknotes.
£ 29.95
CARGO S6 Coin Case Aluminium Coin Case
Handy Aluminium Storage Case Holds up to 112 coins Lockable
£ 24.95
LOGIK Storage box A5 Archive Collector's Box
A practical and sleek storage box for coins, notes, or postcards.  
£ 27.95
Digital Microscope with LCD Screen Digital Microscope with LCD Screen
With its built-in 3.5" LCD screen, this digital microscope is easy to use and is suitable for a variety of applications, making it possible to analyse even the smallest details on stamps, coins, or bank notes.
£ 199.95
LOOK magnifier set Set of Three Magnifying Lenses
This set of  magnifying lenses brings together three of the most popular magnifiers so you're readily equipped for any situation.  
£ 22.95
EXAKT digital callipers Digital Callipers
Practical measuring calipers that can be reset in any position. Measures in both millimetres and inches  
£ 24.95
Choparz Illuminated Magnifying Lens Choparz Square Illuminated Magnifying Lens
An extremely useful magnifying lens that provides 2x magnification with a high-quality, rectangular, frameless acrylic lens.
£ 19.95