Choparz Square Illuminated Magnifying Lens

2x magnification

Choparz Illuminated Magnifying Lens

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An extremely useful magnifying lens that provides 2x magnification with a high-quality, rectangular, frameless acrylic lens.

  • Type: Single
  • Availability: Medium
Price: £ 19.95

This Choparz handy Square Illuminated Magnifier provides a high quality rectangular frameless acrylic lens. The lens diameter is 90x55mm with an integrated small lens of 19mm 3⁄4" diameter.

The larger lens gives a 2 x magnification while the smaller integrated lens gives 6 x magnification.

With 2 bright white LEDs, it comes with 3 SR1130 coin cell batteries included. Includes soft fabric pouch to protect the lenses.


Price:£ 19.95