Forces' Sweethearts

A musical tribute to the female artists of the war

Forces' Sweethearts

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A 20 track 1 CD musical tribute to the great female artists of the War Years.

Over 1 hour playing time. 

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Price: £ 7.99

A 20 track 1 CD musical tribute to the great female artists of the War Years. Over 1 hour playing time.

Music was one of World War Two's most underrated weapons. On the radio and in barrack rooms, in neighbourhood dance halls and air-raid shelters, nothing blocked out the worst that Hitler could do as soundly as a familiar melody or an impromptu sing-song. Yet for the forces themselves, music meant not just distraction but a tangible link with home. This was especially true of the songs of Anne Shelton, Elsie Carlisle and Dorothy Carless, which celebrated the simple joys of weekend leave, gazing at the stars and dreaming of the day When They Sound The Last All Clear.

Of course, singers such as these earned the epithet of FORCES' SWEETHEARTS for their personality and looks as well as their voices. In FORCES' SWEETHEARTS, we invite you to remember and enjoy some of the most indelible voices of World War Two, singing songs that brightened the darkest of days and helped light the path to final victory.

All tracks sensitively restored and digitally remastered.

Price: £ 7.99

1. Judy Garland - Over the Rainbow

2. Anne Shelton - I'll Be Seeing You

3. Jo Stafford - Long Ago (And Far Away)

4. Doris Day with Les Brown and his Orchestra - Aren't You Glad You're You

5. Margaret Whiting - Moonlight in Vermont

6. The Andrews Sisters - Rum and Coca Cola

7. Carmen Miranda - I, Yi, Yi, Yi, Yi,.Yi (I Like You Very Much)

8. Ration Broadcast (Spoken Word)

9. Marlene Dietrich - You Do Something To Me

10. Deanna Durbin - Always

11. Elsie Carlisle - Somebody's Thinking Of You Tonight

12. HM The Queen - Broadcast Speech

13. Dinah Shore - You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To

14. Connie Boswell - On the Isle of May

15. Dorothy Carless with Geraldo and his Orchestra - That Lovely Weekend

16. Helen Forrest with Harry James and his Orchestra - I've Heard That Song Before

17. Adelaide Hall - There Goes That Song Again

18. Gracie Fields - Bless This House

19. Vera Lynn - When They Sound the Last 'All Clear'

20. All-Clear Air-Raid Siren (Spoken Word)