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A celebration of broadcasting

On The Air

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Celebrating ten decades of broadcasting by way of the best-loved signature tunes.

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Celebrates ten decades of broadcasting by way of the best-loved signature tunes to memorable programmes from radio and TV, as well as the voices of notable personalities.

It’s a memory-laden treasury.

More than two hours of iconic musical souvenirs, including:

(By The) Sleepy Lagoon (Desert Island Discs) • Calling All Workers (Music While You Work) • Devil's Galop (Dick Barton) • In Party Mood (Housewives' Choice) • Puffin' Billy (Children's Favourites) • Tom Marches On (ITMA) • The Typewriter (The News Quiz) • At The Sign Of The Swingin' Cymbal (Pick Of The Pops) • High Adventure (Friday Night Is Music Night) • Barwick Green (The Archers) • Old Ned (Steptoe & Son) • Parisian Mode (What's My Line?) • March from 'A Little Suite (Dr Finlay's Casebook) • An Ordinary Copper (Dixon Of Dock Green) • We Want Muffin (Muffin The Mule) and many more ...

Price: £ 9.99

Disc 1

1. Listen With Mother Introduction - Julia Lang

2. Calling All Workers (from Music While You Work) - Eric Coates and Symphony Orchestra

3. Changing Moods No 2 (from PC 49) - New Century Orchestra conducted by Sidney Torch

4. Devil's Galop (from Dick Barton) - Charles Williams & his Concert Orchestra

5. In Party Mood (from Housewives' Choice) - West End Celebrity Orchestra conducted by Louis Voss

6. Puffin' Billy (from Children's Favourites) - Melodi Light Orchestra conducted by Hubert Clifford

7. Barwick Green/ My Native Heath (from The Archers) - Sidney Torch and his Orchestra

8. With A Song In My Heart (from Two-Way Family Favourites) - Andre Kostelanetz and his Orchestra

9. Mrs Dale's Diary Introduction - Marie Goossens, harp

10. Minute' Waltz (from Just A Minute) - Dinu Lipatti

11. Big Ben Chimes - 'This Is London Calling'

12. Oranges And Lemons (from Light Programme) - BBC Theatre Orchestra conducted by Harold Lowe

13. High Adventure (from Friday Night Is Music Night) - Queen's Hall Light Orchestra conducted by Charles Williams

14. Horseguards Whitehall from 'London Landmarks' Suite (from Down Your Way) - Queen's Hall Light Orchestra conducted by Sidney Torch

15. Knightsbridge March (from In Town Tonight) - Eric Coates and Symphony Orchestra

16. Calling All Workers (from Music While You Work) - Eric Coates and Symphony Orchestra

17. Tom Marches On (from ITMA) - The Augmented BBC Variety Orchestra conducted by Charles Shadwell. Announcer: John Snagge

18. Have A Go Theme Tune - Harry Hudson, piano, and audience

19. Have A Go Excerpt from Programme - Wilfred Pickles

20. Much Binding In The Marsh Theme Tune - Kenneth Horne,Richard Murdoch,Sam Costa,Maurice Denham with Orchestra conducted by Stanley Black

21. Take It From Here Theme Tune - BBC Revue Orchestra conducted by Frank Cantell with The Keynotes

22. Imperial Echoes (from Radio Newsreel) - Welsh Guards Band conducted by Captain F L Statham

23. Marching Strings (from Top Of The Form) - Ray Martin and his Concert Orchestra

24. Trade Wind Hornpipe (from The Navy Lark) - Tommy Reilly

25. Alpine Pastures (from My Word!) - Queen's Hall Light Orchestra conducted by Sidney Torch

26. Journey Into Space Opening Sequence - Sound Effects

27. Coronation Scot (from Paul Temple) - Queen's Hall Light Orchestra conducted by Sidney Torch

28. The Typewriter (from The News Quiz) - Eastman-Rochester 'Pops' Orchestra conducted by Frederick Fennell

29. At The Sign Of The Swingin' Cymbal (from Pick Of The Pops) - Brian Fahey and his Orchestra

30. Roses From The South (from Grand Hotel) - Norrie Paramor and his Orchestra

31. Irish Tune From County Derry/Londonderry Air (from Your 100 Best Tunes) - Eastman-Rochester 'Pops' Orchestra & Frederick Fennell

Disc 2

1. Parisian Mode (from What's My Line?) - Woolf Phillips and his Concert Orchestra

2. Gala Performance (from This Is Your Life) - The Laurie Johnson Orchestra

3. Pastoral Montage TV Interlude: Windmill - Queen's Hall Light Orchestra conducted by Robert Farnon

4. The Young Ballerina TV Interlude: Potter's Wheel - Queen's Hall Light Orchestra conducted by David King

5. Family Joke (from The Grove Family) - Tommy Reilly, harmonica, with instrumental accompaniment conducted by Eric Spear

6. An Ordinary Copper (from Dixon Of Dock Green) - Tommy Reilly and Jack Warner

7. Girls In Grey (from TV Newsreel) - Charles Williams and his Concert Orchestra

8. News Scoop (from Grandstand) - Symphonia Orchestra conducted by Ludo Philip

9. Halcyon Days from 'The Three Elizabeths' Suite(from The Forsyte Saga) - National Symphony Orchestra conducted by Eric Coates

10. Sea Songs (from Billy Bunter Of Greyfriars School) - New Concert Orchestra conducted by Nat Nyll

11. Barnacle Bill (from Blue Peter) - New Century Orchestra conducted by Sidney Torch

12. We Want Muffin (from Muffin The Mule) - Annette Mills, piano

13. Medley: Little Dolly Daydream; I May Be Crazy; Sweetheart May; Lily Of Laguna - The George Mitchell Minstrels

14. Me And My Shadow - Morecambe and Wise

15. Hancock's Half Hour Theme Tune (from Hancock's Half Hour) - Wally Stott and his Orchestra

16. The Blood Donor excerpt (from Hancock's Half Hour) - Tony Hancock and Patrick Cargill

17. Old Ned (from Steptoe and Son) - Ron Grainer and his Orchestra

18. Tonight And Every Night (from Tonight) - Hilversum Studio Orchestra conducted by Hugo de Groot

19. Theme from Z-Cars - Johnny Keating and his Orchestra

20. Hit And Miss (from Juke Box Jury) - John Barry Seven Plus Four

21. March from 'A Little Suite' (from Dr Finlay's Casebook) - The Les Reed Strings

22. The Maigret Theme (from We Want Muffin) - Ron Grainer and his Orchestra

23. Serenade For Strings: March (from Monitor) - Ron Goodwin and his Orchestra

24. Adagio of Spartacus and Phrygia (Spartacus) excerpt (from The Onedin Line) - Aram Khatchaturian & The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

25. The Montagues And The Capulets from 'Romeo And Juliet' (from The Apprentice) - Czech Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Karel Ancerl

26. At The Castle Gate from 'Pelleas And Melisande' (from The Sky At Night) - Sir Thomas Beecham & The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

27. Liberty Bell March - (from Monty Python's Flying Circus) - Frederick Fennell conducting The Eastman Wind Ensemble