The Countdown to VE Day Collection
  • An incredible collection including The Road to Victory Commemorative Coin Collection, a timeline of Winston Churchill and The ‘WE SHALL FIGHT ON THE BEACHES’ and ‘NEVER WAS SO MUCH OWED BY SO MANY TO SO FEW’ Commemorative Coins 
  • Commemorating a poignant Anniversary
  • Limited Edition
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Winston Churchill - The Wartime Legacy Set
  • An exclusive set containing the timeline of Winston Churchill, ‘The Wit and Wisdom of Winston Churchill’ pocket book along with a Sovereign and Crown
  • Commemorating a poignant Anniversary!
  • Coins struck in 22-carat Gold and Pure Silver
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The Wellington and Napoleon 250th Anniversary Book
  • In 2019 we commemorated the 250th anniversary of the birth of two of the most famous military figures in history - The Duke of Wellington and Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Double-sided and fully illustrated 120-page book
  • Exclusive to The London Mint Office
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The Operation Chastise Mission Pack & Royal Air Force Book
  • Including expert reproductions of historical documents
  • Featuring documents which were once classified Top Secret!
  • A tribute to the most daring missions in aviation history  
  • Accompanied by a bespoke hardback book detailing 100 years of the RAF
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In the Money Hardback Book
  • Explore the stories behind our coins, and how they helped to shape Britain
  • Written by Dominic Chorney, a former employee of The London Mint Office
  • Featuring over 180 full colour, high-quality images of some of Britain’s greatest coins
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The D-Day 75th anniversary 'Operation Overlord' Mission Pack
  • Uncover history's Biggest Secret!
  • Commemorating the largest multi-nation and multi-service seaborne invasion in history. 
  • Released in the 75th anniversary year of D-Day.
  • A remarkable collection of historical documents that aided the Allied Forces on 6th of June 1944 – D-DAY.
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The RAF Coin and Book Centenary Set
  • Struck to commemorate 100 Years of the RAF
  • Including a bespoke hardback book detailing 100 years of The Royal Air Force
  • Available for just £19.95
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