A5 Archive Collector's Box

Safely stores postcards, banknotes or letters

LOGIK Storage box

Rating value: 4.4


A practical and sleek storage box for coins, notes, or postcards.


  • Type: Single
  • Availability: Low
Price: £ 27.95
  • Holds items up to 220 x 168 mm (A5) in size with space for up to 750 banknotes, 700 postcards, or 450 letters
  • Flexible storage system thanks to the three internal removable dividers.
  • Metal handle with label holder.
  • Overall size: 230 x 173 x 270 mm

This high quality Black Logik Archive collector's box  is for safely storing stockcards, approval cards, letters and postcards  up to A5 in size,  within 3 moveable inner divisions. The high stability provides permanent protection, with metal label holder with lift-up edge as a handle for easy opening. 


Price:£ 27.95