Set of Three Magnifying Lenses

2.5 x -10 x maginification

LOOK magnifier set

Rating value: 4.0


This set of  magnifying lenses brings together three of the most popular magnifiers so you're readily equipped for any situation.


  • Type: Single
  • Availability: Low
Price: £ 22.95

This set of three magnifying lenses brings together the most popular magnifiers so that you're readily equipped for any situation.

The frameless magnifier with a handle and 3x magnification enables holistic viewing of larger objects thanks to the especially large acrylic lens (diameter 90 mm, 3 1/2") and 2 white LEDs. 

The precision magnifier (lens diameter 21 mm, 7/8") provides high-resolution detail for the finest of details, thanks to its 10x magnification and 2 white LEDs. 

The compact pocket magnifier has 5 functions in one gadget: a large lens with 2.5x magnification (lens diameter 30 x 37 mm, 1 1/4 x 1 1/2"), a small lens with 10x magnification (diameter 15 mm, 5/8"), a UV lamp, LED pocket torch and a pull-out ballpoint pen. Due to its compact design, it’'s the perfect companion whilst travelling, shopping or visiting coin fairs. 

Price:£ 22.95