The World's First Silver Sovereign Four Coin Set

Struck in pure Silver and designed by Angela Pistrucci

The World's First Silver Sovereign Four Coin Set

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  • World Exclusive: The first ever four-coin sovereign set to be struck in pure silver!
  • Struck to the highest possible standard - Proof Quality
  • Designed by Angela Pistrucci, the successor of original sovereign designer Benedetto Pistrucci
  • Type: Single
  • Availability: Medium
Price: £ 240

Order your 'World's First Silver Sovereign Four Coin Set' for just £240!

A World’s First

In the early 1800’s the distinguished sculptor, Benedetto Pistrucci was commissioned by the Master Engraver of the Royal Mint, William Wellesley Pole, to produce new designs for the new Gold and Silver coinage of King George III. What he presented grew to be arguably one of the most famous coin designs in the world, paying homage to Saint George, a figure recognised not just across Britain, but globally. This year, this amazing work of art has been remastered in a way that has never been done before.

A World Exclusive

This world exclusive set is only available from The London Mint Office and all the coins in the set feature an interpretation of Benedetto Pistrucci’s iconic Saint George and the Dragon reverse, designed by his successor, Angela Pistrucci in 2017. The first Pistrucci sovereign design in 200 years. The World’s First Silver Sovereign Four Coin Set includes a quarter, half, full and double sovereign, all struck in pure silver and to Proof quality – the highest possible quality. Be a part of numismatic history. This set is strictly limited to just 9,999 sets worldwide and can be yours today for just £240- which may come as a surprise as this is a first edition issue of an iconic legacy.

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Price:£ 240