The original 1925 George V Gold Sovereign

A coin that was never released for circulation

The 1925 British Gold Sovereign

Rating value: 4.1

  • The last full sovereign to be minted in London
  • The last Sovereign to feature the portrait of King George V.
  • Never released for circulation - secured by the London Mint Office



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Within just days of the outbreak of the First Wold War, in a bid to fund the war effort, the Government requested that members of the public hand in their gold sovereigns. Within a few weeks, the gold sovereign - a symbol of the Empire, and a coin in use since 1817 had been withdrawn.

In 1925, Churchill  decided to bring back the gold sovereign and announced that Britain would return to the gold standard. 

For the first time since 1917, the gold sovereign was back in production. The Royal Mint took the opportunity to re-strike a quantity of old and worn sovereigns that had accumulated at the Bank of England since 1917 into new coins dated 1925.

However, these coins were actually never authorised for release into circulation. They sat in the gold vaults of the Bank of England and were most likely those used during the Second World War in the ‘survival kit.

In addition, many of the sovereigns featuring George V's portrait had been melted down  to pay the USA for war materials, which makes this 1925 dated Sovereign a highly-coveted coin in the Sovereigns' history.

Incredibly, today The London Mint Office have secured a few of these legendary 1925 Gold Sovereigns struck in London.

With very few available secure yours today.

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22 carat gold
Year of Issue:
1925 - over 90 years old
Issuing Authority:
U.K. - The London Mint
Gold Sovereign
22.05 mm
7.98 grams
George V portrait by Bertram MacKennal
Pistrucci's St George and the Dragon