The 2018 Five Coin Gold Angel Set

An important anniversary issue

The 2018 Five Coin Gold Angel Set

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  • The Gold Angel is famous in all corners of the globe, amongst such amazing issues as the Sovereign, Maple Leaf and Krugerrand.
  • Celebrated for its incredible success as one of the most prestigious gold coins in the world, the Gold Angel has been issued every year since its reintroduction in 1983. 
  • Struck in 2018 and contains all the Angel denominations including the 1oz Silver Angel.
  • Type: Single
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The Gold Angel 

The iconic design depicts Archangel Michael defeating a dragon. This historic design is a symbol of good triumphing over evil and has been used since the reintroduction of the Gold Angel coins in 1984 by the Isle of Man. The design was based on the original medieval design that featured on the Angel coins introduced by Edward IV in the 15th Century. The design is encircled by a Celtic band, again a modern interpretation of the original designs that adorned these historic coins.

A Unique Privy Mark!

The reverse bears a unique Privy Mark created exclusively to mark the 200th anniversary of The Distinguished Order of Saint George and Saint Michael, the latter of whom features on the Gold Angel, and from who the coin’s name originates. The Privy Mark features a reinterpretation of The Order’s Badge, originally crafted in enamel in a star shape with a design of the two military saints on each side.

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24-carat Gold
3.1g, 7.77g, 15.56g, 28.34g, 28.34g
16.5mm, 22.00mm, 27.00mm, 32.70mm 38.60mm
Issuing Authority:
Isle of Man
Year of issue:
Mintage limit: