The Joseph Stalin Two Coin Set - Historically Unique

Struck in solid silver

Joseph Stalin - Man of Steel Two Coin Set

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Own the only two coins to feature the portrait of the Russian dictator.

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Born Ioseb Besarionis dze Jughashvili in 1878 in Georgia, Joseph Stalin ruled the Soviet Union from 1928 until his death in 1953. During his brutal 25-year reign, he established himself as the most powerful, and probably the most feared, dictator the world has ever known—both in the USSR and the Warsaw Pact countries like Czechoslovakia, over which he exerted enormous influence.

Two Coveted and Unique Coins

Despite his outsized ego, Stalin was not megalomaniacal enough to plaster his visage on his native Soviet money. After engineering the “Victorious February” 1948 Czechoslovak coup d'état, Stalin’s henchmen assumed control over the government of that country, marking the onset of four decades of Communist dictatorship. Later that year, plans were finalized to strike special silver 50 and 100 korun coins, to be issued by Czechoslovakia in 1949 on the occasion of the dictator’s 70th birthday. The coins featured a true numismatic rarity: a portrait of Joseph Stalin. In fact, despite Stalin’s enormous historical presence, these are the worlds only circulating coins ever minted that featured a portrait of the man. The obverse is the Czech lion with Slovak shield. They are one-year-only commemorative issues that were struck in very low quantities, only a small fraction of which have survived intact to the present day. Even fewer have survived in the high grade exhibited by these examples, putting them among the most coveted of modern collector coins.


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Very Fine
14g, 10g
31mm, 28mm
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100 Korun, 50 Korun
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