Posters of the First World War: Your Country Needs You!

The fascinating stories behind each poster revealed!

Your Country Needs You Book

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Posters of the First World War: Your Country Needs You Book!

2014-2018 marks the Centenary of the First World War, for four years the war raged on land, sea and in the air and the human cost would be devastating. However, the people of the home front also experienced the war; the British Government Propaganda Campaign would have affected the majority of the British population. Propaganda was seen by many as another form of warfare, just as important to the result of the war as the actual fighting. It was used to encourage unity within a nation and to justify countries involvement in the war. The effect that propaganda had was immediate and also long lasting, which went beyond the wartime period.

Propaganda posters were one of the more successful forms of propaganda as they were a combination of text and large visual images they appealed to a broader audience - recruitment posters being one of the most common forms. Pro-war posters commonly romaticised the war, portraying the soldiers as heroic and larger than life. Another common aspect of these posters were that they featured patriotic images, as their aim was to create an emotional appeal with the British people and to create encouragement for people to contribute to the war effort.

he Your Country Needs You book provides you with the fascinating insight behind the posters that called the nation to serve. It is lavishly illustrated in full colour, including 8 posters chosen specifically by curators at the Imperial War Museums. The book is available exclusively from The London Mint Office in the centenary anniversary year of the First World War.

Price: £ 9.95