'Honour, Courage and Kindness'

The Legend of Saint George Coin


The epic story of how the future patron saint of England courageously defended a Princess from a fire-breathing dragon terrorising her town is likely to have originated in Turkey during the eleventh century. 

As ‘The Golden Legend’ quickly became a bestseller, George the Dragon Slayer was depicted with the red cross of the Christian Martyr.  By championing the forces of evil with honour, courage and kindness, the noble Knight became arguably the greatest religious icon of the medieval world. 


Join in the celebration of England’s Patron Saint and the qualities that defined him

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Struck to a stunning proof finish – the highest possible quality this coin is exclusively available from The London Mint Office.

The Legend of Saint George – Honour, Courage, Kindness coin features an intricate design by renowned artist, Angela Pistrucci, descendent of Benedetto Pistrucci who’s famous St George and the dragon design has appeared on the Sovereign for over 200 years.

This modern reimagining of an iconic design shows Saint George on an impressive rearing horse, holding his shield high as he charges into battle with a ferocious dragon.

The shield depicts the crusaders cross that would become the flag of England. Surrounding the design is the inscription “The Legend of St. George. Honour. Courage. Kindness”.

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