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The US Heritage Silver Collection
American history told through 12 iconic silver coins

The first ever silver coin of the United States commemorating John F Kennedy

John F Kennedy was the most popular president of the United States.  His assassination in 1963 deeply saddened American society and the whole world. In 1964 a legal tender half dollar coin was struck by the United States to commemorate his short presidency.

This half dollar silver coin is a precious original more than 50 years old, it was struck for circulation for only one year. From the moment it was issued in 1964, it was hoarded by collectors not just because of its 90% silver content but also as a tribute to JFK. As the first and only circulating silver coin commemorating John F. Kennedy it has become one of the most collected silver dollar coins all over the world. 

American history told through 12 iconic silver coins

The JFK Half-Silver Dollar is just the first coin in The US Heritage Silver Collection. This collection comprises six original US silver half and six original full dollars, each of which is a significant first or last. Struck in solid 90% fine silver, the traditional purity of American silver coins, together they tell the short but eventful history of the United States, from the discovery of America in 1492 to the tragic assassination of JFK.  

Just like the Kennedy Half Dollar, the six half-dollars are significant first or lasts, including the iconic  1916-47 Walking Liberty and the historic 1892-3 Columbus Exhibition US Silver Commemorative Half Dollar -  now over 100 years old! All six full dollars feature iconic symbols of US - from Mount Rushmore to the Statue of Liberty. Each silver coin comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. 

Begin your US Heritage Silver Collection

Starting with the Columbus 1892 Half Dollar

Each of the 12 silver coins in this collection are genuine American coins, some of them dating back over a century. Struck in solid .900 fine silver, the traditional purity of American silver coins, they pay tribute to some of the greatest figures and greatest moments in American History. Many of these historic coins are now difficult to find. 

Start Collecting today: 

  • Receive the 1964 John F Kennedy Silver Coin for just £19.95 (Regular Price £39.95)
  • Thereafter each of the remaining 11 coins in the US Heritage collection, will be sent to you at monthly intervals, always on approval and without any obligation. The five Half Dollars coins are £39.95 each and the six Full Dollar coins are £54.95 each (+ £2.95 P&P). 
  • Each coin is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity 
  • Receive the Collectors’ Presentation Folder worth £2.95 FREE 
  • Receive your FREE scale reproduction of the most valuable coin in the world - the Flowing Hair Dollar. The original recently sold at auction for a record $10,016,875.

I would like to secure my 1964 John F Kennedy Silver Coin for just £19.95 and order my US Heritage Silver Collection, next coin priced at £39.95

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