A very special commemorative release honouring our Nation's greatest statesman - Sir Winston Churchill

Churchill's tireless wartime leadership and rousing speeches inspired our nation to 'defend our island home', ride out the storm of war and outlive the menace of tyranny'. His unfading legacy led to much of the freedom we still enjoy today. On the occasion of 50 years since his passing, The London Mint Office is proud to pay a numismatic tribute to Sir Winston Churchill.

Each coin in this set features an iconic portrait of  Churchill together with his stirring words. Words which inspired our nation, and the world, during the darkest hours of WWII. These enduring words have been preserved forever on each of these five coins:

  • WE SHALL NEVER SURRENDER from his speech to the House of Commons in June 1940
  • BLOOD, TOIL, TEARS AND SWEAT from his speech to the nation in May 1940
  • WE SHALL FIGHT ON THE BEACHES from his 'Never Surrender' speech
  • LET US GO FORWARD TOGETHER from the famous war poster
  • NEVER WAS SO MUCH OWED BY SO MANY TO SO FEW - in praise of the RAF after the Battle of Britain

The Churchill Commemorative Crown Coin  - We Shall Never Surrender

Minted in solid bronze and fully layered in pure 24 carat Gold the first Crown Coin in this set of five shows Churchill in his classic ‘cigar in mouth’ pose gesturing ‘V’ for victory. This coin is strictly limited to only 9,999 worldwide and what makes it of even higher significance is that each coin carries a unique edition number on the edge, meaning no two coins are the same.

Honouring the life and the words of the man who brought us safely through. 
Complementing the Churchill Crown the remaining four Crown Coins in the set are layered in pure Silver and accented in pure 24 carat Gold. 

Introductory Offer:

  • Save £20 on the first coin in the collection - receive the Churchill Gold layered Crown for £9.95 (Regular Price £29.95)
  • Each of the remaining four coins in the collection, are available to collect one coin per month. 
  • Each coin will be sent to you monthly, entirely on approval, for just £29.95 (+£2.95 P&P) each. You are under no obligation to buy and can view each coin before you decide to add it to your collection.

Collection comes complete with FREE Presentation Folder
Together with your coin, you will also receive the official Collector Presentation Folder, which stores and displays your commemorative safely and elegantly. It includes the Certificate of Authenticity guaranteeing the specifications of your coin. It also provides important historical background information about Sir Winston Churchill Normally £2.95, it is yours FREE as part of the collection.

Free WWI & WWII Pocket Books with your collection worth £19.95

Featuring original photography taken during the events themselves these London Mint Office exclusive pocketbooks provide a fascinating insight into the events and characters of each of the wars which came to define the 20th century. Regular price is £19.95 – but you can receive these free as part your collection.

Limited availability - with just 9,999 sets issued worldwide, we recommend you order today!

Bronze - layered in 24 carat gold or silver
issuing Authority:
The Government of Gibraltar
One Crown
Year of issue:
Mintage limit: