“History is like that. One mistake made by an absent-minded driver was enough to trigger a war of more than four years, involving fifty nations and more than seventy million soldiers.”

This unique collection charts the war through the legal tender issues of 24 different countries; Great Britain, Germany, Australia, Turkey, France, Russia, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the USA, India, New Zealand, Japan, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Romania, Hungary, Bosnia, Slovenia, Portugal, Greece, Montenegro, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Brazil. 

All artefacts are presented in the highest available quality and exist today as a tribute to the men and women who would have handled them as the war to end all wars raged all around them. 

 This historic collection is beautifully presented in an embossed, hardcover album, comprising twenty silver-edged pages.  Superbly illustrated in full colour, every stamp, coin and banknote is displayed behind archival quality transparent material for future generations to treasure and enjoy.

As the perfect finishing touch to this magnificent set, each album is housed in a sturdy, embossed outer case, making it a perfect gift.