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The story of the SS City of Cairo is an incredible story of tragedy, treachery, courage, and endurance. On a cold November night in the South Atlantic, a British passenger ship carrying a top-secret cargo was torpedoed and sunk by a German submarine.

With no news of the sinking reaching the mainland or the nearest land, a small island some 480 miles away, all hope for the survivors drifting in six damaged lifeboats seemed lost.

Yet, against all the odds, two-thirds were rescued, and a record-breaking salvage operation would later bring her secret treasure back to the surface and into the record books.

A genuine Edward VII Indian Silver Rupee coin—struck over 100 years ago—and certified to be part of the world record-setting deepest ocean treasure recovery in human history.

√ Genuine Edwardian silver that circulated throughout India at the turn of the century.

A single coin that tells the story of the British Empire from colonial India all the way through World War II and beyond!

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Issuing Authority:
1 - Indian Rupee