Battle of Britain
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Lone Soldier Coin

Commemorates WWI Centenary

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Monarchs of the Napoleonic Wars

In solid bronze collection - limited time 20% discount

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Pure Gold Angel 30th Anniversary

Minted from ‘four nines’ gold - an impressive 99.99% pure

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Queen Elizabeth II Silver Set

The Royal Four Portraits of Queen Elizabeth II Set

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The Undated 20p coin set

It caused a sensation in 2009 - own one today!

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Our history in your hand: Learn and buy with The London Mint Office

Discover or develop your fascinating hobby with world history captured in pure silver and gold!

Ancient and antique coins

Discover the world of the Roman Empire, and coins from other eras and countries in history

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The United States of America

Wild West Set

From the legendary Silver Half Dollar, to coins of the Wild West

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Gold coins

Gold Coins

The finest gold coins, from Sovereigns to Guineas

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