Battle of Atlantic £20 for £20 coin

H.M. Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday Charity Medal

Queens Birthday Medal

Claim your Queen's 90th Birthday Charity Medal now.

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The Battle of the Somme 100th Anniversary Collection

Remembering the proud young men of Kitchener’s volunteer army

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The Last Ever Britannia Penny - Layered in pure Gold

Only £9.95 - Save £20.00

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Free Flowing Hair Dollar Replica

Flowing Hair Replica

Claim your FREE scale reproduction of the world's most valuable coin - The 1794 Flowing Hair Dollar

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£20 for £20 - in British WWII Silver

Battle of Atlantic £20 for £20

Official British Merchant Navy coin pays tribute to our wartime seafarers - struck in pure silver recovered from 4,700 metres below sea level!

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Our history in your hand: Learn and buy with The London Mint Office

Discover or develop your fascinating hobby with world history captured in pure silver and gold!

Ancient and antique coins

Richard the Lionheart

Discover the world of the Roman Empire, and coins from other eras and countries in history

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Silver coins

El Cazador

Solid silver coins and commemorative medals from around the world

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Gold coins

Gold Coins

The finest gold coins, from Sovereigns to Guineas

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