Gold Coins & Medals

Showcasing some of the finest gold coins and commemoratives from the around the world including British Gold Sovereigns, Gold Guineas, The Canadian Maple Leaf, Gold Krugerrands. 

The Royal Canadian Maple Leaf Anniversary Set - Pearl Edition The Ultimate Canadian Maple Leaf Coin Set!
The ultimate selection of Maple Leaf coins in the 30th anniversary year of the Platinum and Silver coins. Featuring the entire Maple Leaf family in Fine Platinum, Gold Bullion and Silver Bullion, celebrating the pearl anniversary of the Platinum Maple Leaf. Exclusive to The London Mint Office, there is a strict limitation of just 200!
£ 8,995
2017 Sovereign - An Iconic Design Remastered The 200th Anniversary of the 'Saint George and the Dragon' design on a Gold Sovereign
Angela Pistrucci, the great-great-great grandniece of Benedetto Pistrucci, has recreated this iconic ‘Saint George and the Dragon’ design 200 years on.   As you will probably know, Benedetto was the designer of the timeless ‘Saint George and the Dragon’, which has appeared on many modern sovereigns.  This fantastic gold sovereign has been struck to mark the 200th anniversary of Benedetto’s iconic rendition. 
£ 795
Conjoined Portrait One Guinea World first - Double Royal Birthday Gold Guinea
  • The Queen’s 90th & Prince Philip’s 95th birthdays commemorated on one historic coin.
  • The first-ever Guinea struck to mark a double Royal Birthday and the first to feature a conjoined portrait of HM The Queen and HRH Prince Philip since the famous William and Mary Guinea from the 17th century
£ 895
The Complete USA Gold Dollar 3 Coin Set The Complete USA Gold Dollar 3 Coin Set
A complete set of all three American gold dollars spanning 40 years of the short American coin's history Struck from gold mined from the California Gold Rush
£ 1,500
The Penny Black and  1⁄10 oz Gold Coin Set The Penny Black and 1⁄10 oz Gold Coin Set
  • A remarkable set that combines an original 1840 Penny Black Stamp and a pure gold coin. 
  • Commemorating the 175th anniversary of the World's first postage stamp in 2015.
  • The 1/10oz coin is minted in pure 24 carat gold and then layered with black ruthenium gold, to achieve the appearance of the Penny Black stamp.
  • Struck to proof quality - the highest possible quality
  • The coin features a rendition of the Penny Black stamp from ‘Plate 11’ which is the rarest type of the1840 Penny Black stamp.
£ 525
America's first gold 'dollar' - the 1/2 Escudo 1738-1788 America's first Gold Dollar
  • Historic original over 200 years old
  • A significant piece of America's numismatic heritage
  • The first ever American gold ‘dollar’
£ 625