Churchill The Greatest Briton Silver 1/2 oz coin 1/2oz Solid Silver Churchill Coin
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  • 1/2oz Solid Silver Sir Winston Churchill

On 10 May 1940, a terrifying dark shadow swept across Europe, enveloping France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Using devastating blitzkrieg tactics, the relentless advance of Hitler’s forces overwhelmed everything in their path until Britain itself came within range of the mighty German war machine. The world had suddenly become a much darker place.

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Silver Didrachm of the Ancient Spartan Colony of Taras Silver Didrachm of the Ancient Spartan Colony of Taras
  • The Taras Dolphin Silver Didrachm Struck by the Children of Sparta Almost 2,500 years ago 
  • In the Eighth Century BC Spartan children left home and set up Sparta’s only colony hundreds of miles away. They named it Taras and in a major departure from the Spartan model, in 510 BC they decided to strike their own coinage to facilitate the trade that fueled their economic prosperity.
  • Exclusive to The London Mint Office.
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