Silver Didrachm of the Ancient Spartan Colony of Taras Silver Didrachm of the Ancient Spartan Colony of Taras
The Taras Dolphin Silver Didrachm Struck by the Children of Sparta Almost 2,500 years ago 
£ 599
The Royal Canadian Maple Leaf Anniversary Set - Pearl Edition The Ultimate Canadian Maple Leaf Coin Set
  • Featuring the entire Maple Leaf family in Fine Platinum, Gold Bullion and Silver Bullion
  • Celebrating the pearl anniversary of the Platinum Maple Leaf
  • Exclusive to The London Mint Office, there is a strict limitation of just 200!
£ 8,995
1972 Silver Eisenhower $1 Signed by Charlie Duke
  • Celebrates the moon landing
  • Depicts the image of an eagle landing on the surface of the moon clasping an olive branch
  • Yours for only £125
£ 125
Douglas Bader Silver £1 Piedfort Coin Douglas Bader Silver £1 Piedfort Coin
  • Commemorating the Life of one of the most legendary pilots in the history of British aviation
  • A unique privy mark representing the squadron that Bader flew with
  • 19 grams of Pure Silver, extremely Limited Edition
£ 99
Double Headed Queens 90th Birthday Silver Coin Always a winner with this coin.
  • Double headed coins are extremely rare, with this coin it's heads or heads
  • 0.999 Pure Silver, 22.5mm in diameter and struck in the finest proof quality
  • Celebrates Queen Elizabeth II's 90th Birthday with a mintage limit of 2,500
£ 49.95